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Lathe is one of the types of machines that are used in metalworking and machining by turning the handicraft to be shaped and giving it the desired shape.

The forming process is carried out by removing the shear (part) of the metal by means of the different cutting pens by turning the occupied around an axis with the cutting pen moving in a linear motion, often parallel or perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the workpiece.

The lathe is one of the most important machines of operation because it is used in the production of cylindrical parts as it is used in the production of rotary surfaces such as: nails, cylindrical shafts, bushings, discs and conical parts, as it was used previously in cutting wood.

The lathe has many types, including: the lathe lathe (general lathe), the cylinder lathes, the profusion lathes (such as the various tower lathes and the automatic lathes), and the computer-powered lathe.

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